Monday, June 30, 2014

The Pressure of One

There's something different about our large format projects than our regular sized printed projects.
Many of these large projects are exhibits custom created for the space in which they'll be displayed. Although many of our printing projects are in quantities in the tens of thousands, and require exacting quality control, most of our displays are for just one. Seems ironic somehow that there is more pressure in getting one right, than 1,000's.

7-panel donor exhibit at Boston Children's Hospital
There are a couple of different challenges with exhibits; each daunting but very different from each other.

The first is the physical. The physical challenge of these exhibits lies in the uncertainty of the installations and the size. It's very difficult to test fit a 20' x 16' wall when you don't have one just hanging around. Also we've discovered that there is really no such thing as a smooth wall, level floors or even surfaces when it comes to installing exhibits. So, we measure twice, cut once, and bring a few extra pieces of stuff for the 'just in case' we need this.

Rashi School Library - Core Values project
The other challenge lies in environmental transformation that these projects entail. These exhibits literally change the space in which they exist. When our work becomes part of the environment that people see regularly the impact is even larger than the size of of the exhibit.

The ultimate challenge, I think, is having one shot to get it right. After all the proofing and measuring, the real test is how it fits. Like any other visual project we do, at the end of the day, does the design and execution 'fit' the space? Reflect our client's voice? When it does…it becomes an enduring impression.
Simmons College Natatorium Records Board

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